Growing up in an Irish household, there were certain foods that we embraced that defined our nationality. One particular food that we always ate was Leg of Lamb. This traditional Irish meal was made by my mother and grandmother for as long as I can remember. It wasn't until I got older that I realized many of my friends had never tasted this delicacy.

Yesterday was the birthday of my late grandmother Dorothy Kilcorse. She taught me many things about being Irish and embracing our Irish heritage. I wanted to honor her memory yesterday on her birthday by making a traditional Irish meal. I tried something that I have never made before: Lamb Stew. My wife Debbie got me the recipe and I had a feeling that this dish was going to be a winner. On Saturday, I went to the grocery store and gathered up all my ingredients. To my surprise, my local my local meat store did not have a leg of lamb. Thankfully, my local Wegman's was able to come through for me. Yesterday morning, I put everything together in the crock pot and started it at 10am. I let it slow cook about 7 and a half hours and it came out fantastic! My son rated the dish and gave it a ten out of ten. Everyone else in our house agreed. I think it was the perfect way to remember my grandmother on what would have been her 112th birthday. Happy Birthday Dorothy!

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