This Sunday when Toby Keith rolls into town, Kip Moore will be with him, and he will probably be wearing a certain red hat that has become part of his signature look. He wears it backwards on his head at just about every show. But just where did it come from?

The answer is South Carolina. The hat came from a surf shop called McKevlin's, which Kip once visited. According to Taste of Country, Kip was visiting to get some surfing in before a show, and the look just stuck with him from there.

I just love Folly Beach and and I’m down there surfing and threw the hat on one day and wore it that night for a show and it just kinda stuck ever since....It wasn’t something that was so much premeditated. But after I started seeing people showing up to shows wearing the backwards red hat I said, 'Well…I think I’m gonna keep rockin’ it.’

So if he wears it all the time, chances are he's got more than one, right? Nope. He's only got the one hat. He tells Taste of Country, "If I lose it, I guess I'm screwed.”

Probably not. He can actually get another online for about $16. And if you want to rock the Kip Moore look, you can too!