It is always a treat to speak with Lady A! Hillary, Charles and Dave are some of the nicest and most genuine people we have had the pleasure of speaking with. As they are preparing for their 8th album release, Lady A has released a new song that could be one of the catchiest songs they have shared yet!

"Like A Lady" is not only a fantastic representation of the vocal ability and talents of Lady A, this song also serves as an anthem for the empowerment of women.

We had a chance to ask Lady A about the song and the video that goes with it. According to Charles Kelley, what started out as just a photo shoot turned in to a video! Kelley tells WYRK that he has had at least 20 nasal swab COVID tests over the last year and the entire crew was tested prior to the "video" shoot.

But what you see may not be what you get when it comes to videos. Are the artists actually singing to the song? Are they just whispering and mouthing? What are the "secrets" behind the music video world? In true Lady A fashion, they were very open and honest with their answer. Charles Kelley told us

"we are always singing along and by the end of the day, my voice would get wore out from singing it because you might do 30 different takes"

Dave Haywood told us that he has a pet peeve that is watching a music video and seeing the artists not play the actual chords. The guitars may not be plugged in, but Haywood says he is definitely playing the chords that go with the song!

While we wait for the 8th album to hit the stores and a tour to come our way, we can enjoy the video and the great new song "Like A Lady."

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