Lee Greenwood is perhaps best known for his powerful song 'God Bless the USA,' but when he penned the lyrics in the back of his tour bus in 1983, he likely had no idea that they would become a mantra sung at sports events and patriotic celebrations across the nation for decades to come.

The son of a World War II veteran, Greenwood bleeds red, white and blue. His lifelong love of patriotism has led him to write two books already, but he's aiming to do more.

Today, the patriot hopes to inspire pride and loyalty in American children by writing a children's book. Titled 'Proud to Be an American,' the book will hit stores Memorial Day Weekend, May 23. Featuring the heartfelt lyrics of his No. 1 hit 'God Bless the USA,' the book will be his first venture into the world of children's literature and will feature colorful illustrations by Amanda Sekulow, a free song download and the story behind his patriotic upbringing.

Explains Greenwood, "As you sit reading the words of my song to your child or grandchild in my new book, it is my hope that young and old alike will feel tremendous pride in being citizens of the United States of America."

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