Keith Urban's new album Fuse is my favorite from him since Be Here, and he's already making a statement that he is changing with the times as country music changes its sound.

He's already charted two #1 songs with "Little Bit of Everything" and "We Were Us". He's not slowing down in 2014 either, as he will tour throughout the year after he does American Idol. He's also going to try and get his third straight #1 with his brand new song, "Cop Car".

But there was somethin' bout the way
The blue lights were shinin
Bringing out the freedom in your eyes
I was too busy watching you
Going wild child
To be worried about going to jail
You were thinking that
Running for it
Would make a good story
I was thinking you were crazy as hell
And you were so
But you were stealing my heart
I fell in love in the back of a cop car