Luke Bryan may have slipped up on the husband front by allowing his sixth studio album, What Makes You Country, to be released on his 11th wedding anniversary (Dec. 8). As might be expected, the singer/new American Idol judge pretty much ruined all plans for a romantic eve in favor of doing necessary promotion for the record.

However, he did make an effort to lighten things up, posting a delightfully cheesy message on social media to wife Caroline.

The Flipagram shows off a variety of silly photos of the couple -- as well as an inexplicable shot of a gorilla making an obscene gesture -- all accompanied by the ringing strains of the Little River Band's 1977 single "Happy Anniversary." (For what it's worth, that particular song is not a love song; the lyrics quite bitterly detail an imperfect marriage with a wife who's left her husband for another lover.)

Still, everyone knows Bryan is a big jokester -- including, of course, his wife herself. Caroline re-grammed the post on her own Instagram account, commenting, "Love you, love you, love you," to her hubby.

Bryan and Caroline Boyer met while attending Georgia Southern University together, and after first becoming friends, moved on to romance. After a few years of dating on and off, the couple married on Dec. 8, 2006. The couple have two sons together, but have also been raising his brother-in-law's kids since his death in late 2014.

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