Not to perpetuate stereotypes, or anything—but, usually, most grooms-to-be are not as invested in wedding planning as their fiancees. In the case of Luke Combs, however, the singer has a practical reason to be feeling not so into the proceedings.

Combs admitted to People that he finds the idea of putting together a wedding "overwhelming," and it's for probably the exact reason you're guessing. "We’re just crazy busy. Especially this year,” he told the outlet. “We just haven’t had any time to sit back and be home for more than three or four days."

Combs, who proposed to girlfriend Nicole Hocking last November, had the engagement thing down (he engineered the big moment during a trip to Hawaii). However, he's finding the wedding part to be considerably more complicated in light of his rapidly rising fame.

Even just choosing a place to have the wedding is proving difficult as the star is apparently hoping to keep things within some modicum of privacy, which can make even mundane tasks like scouting a location difficult. “Everything that you do is scrutinized or put in the public light, so it can be like: How do we do this?” he explained. “I don’t like the word ‘celebrity wedding,’ but how do you get a venue?"

The couple haven't even had time to figure out a date for the big event, but Combs hopes they'll be able to start on things once his schedule slows down. "We’ve got some time off later this year, for about six weeks, so I’m sure we’ll get into it then and get some things done.”

Combs is currently busy on the road on his Beer Never Broke My Heart Tour, which launched in January. The trek features Lanco and Jameson Rodgers as his opening acts. Combs recently extended the tour all the way through Dec. 13, when it will wrap in Nashville. Rodgers, Ray Fulcher, Morgan Wallen and the Cadillac Three will accompany Combs on various dates of the tour.

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