The most fun pizzeria in New York State is getting ready to open up their third location!

Macy's Place Pizzera will be opening up in the old LOCAL Pizzeria building on Main Street in Clarence.

That would be Macy's Pizzeria in Cheektowaga, New York, right outside of Buffalo. Now, there are 3 locations--one in Cheektowaga, Kenmore and Clarence on Main Street.

Macy's got some national attention in the past few years with some of their crazy pizzas like the Thanksgiving Pizza with cranberries, stuffing and turkey on them or the Chick-Fil-A pizza with chicken nuggets and waffle fries on top.

It is certainly a must try if you live in the Buffalo area.

The Most Unique and Best Pizza Place in New York State

Who has the best pizza in New York State? Where can I get those crazy pizzas in Buffalo?

Gallery Credit: Rob Banks

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