Every now and then it is nice to take my daughter to McDonalds for a happy meal treat. It's not something that I have gotten into the habit of getting her very often. Maybe a couple times a month. We've all heard about childhood obesity and how much of a problem it is, the news seems to have a story about it every other day.

When we do take my daughter for a happy meal she always gets the apple dippers instead of french fries, it's just what she prefers. But most of all she prefers the toy, we always have to hold the toy until she eats because she won't eat if she gets the toy first, we learned that a long time ago.

McDonalds is taking steps to decrease the amount of calories that a happy meal has. A happy meal with the main burger or nuggets and fries plus the drink was around 700 calories and now McDonalds will offer the happy meals with a smaller portion of french fries and will include apples, and of course the toy. The calories in the new happy meal will be down 20%. McDonalds is taking a step to fight childhood obesity and it's a good thing. Check out the full story HERE and watch the interview with McDonalds President Jan Fields.