Miranda Lambert and Chris Young sat down at the table with the ladies of CBS’ ‘The Talk’ on Thursday morning, and Lambert decided to offer up a little nugget of trivia about the 26-year-old country crooner joining her on the show. “I have a secret that I know,” she began, pausing. “About him — but you’re not going to expect what I’m about to say.”

Of course the hosts loved the thought of a little juicy gossip, and after they egged the ‘Hell on Heels’ singer on for a minute, Young finally interjected, “Just go ahead.” With permission, Lambert proudly offered up, “This dude can breakdance. You can’t believe it. It’s amazing!”

“She texts me like right before she walks out,” Young chimed in, “and she goes, ‘I’m saying something about it.’ That’s all she said, and I knew exactly what she was talking about.” Well, of course a table of women on a show called ‘The Talk’ can’t just hear a surprising fact like that without having a little display to back it up. And of course, the audience was 100 percent in favor of an impromptu breakdance performance from the country star because, truly, who would have expected it?

As the whole table of women started cheering “Bust a move!” the audience quickly joined the cheer, and Young was left to do the only thing he could do in that situation: bust a move — without busing his fitted jeans. Walking over to an open space of wood floor, Young conceded, “The worst thing ever is if I do this and like bust my pants on national television.”

Thankfully, he didn’t, and while he might not win any awards for breakdancing, for a country star in tight jeans with no music, he truly did a commendable job under pressure, as the rest of the room chanted his name.

In addition to offering up his unconventional dance skills, Young also took the stage on the morning show to bring a live version of his current single ‘You,’ wielding an acoustic guitar and backed by two more acoustic guitars. In the end, the ACM Male Vocalist of the Year nominee could feel proud of his surprising talent, and Lambert could feel proud of her ability to get it out in the open.

Watch Chris Young Breakdance on ‘The Talk’