The announcement was made on their Facebook page today 12/29/16

Apologies for not making this statement in a timely manner.
Every effort possible was made up until the last moment to stop this from happening, obviously to no avail.

The Owners and Staff are Extremely Saddened at this result as we realize this effects our loyal and dedicated customers. We have appreciated the level of support and help you All have given us since the idea of bringing this type of club back to Buffalo began early this year.

Unfortunately the scope of our vision for the club exceeded the reality of making it come to fruition. It has definitely NOT been caused by Lack of Effort, business sense or unprofessionalism. Several people involved have put.. as it has been stated "Their Heart and Soul" into this endeavor. They are correct. And non more than the owners, Debbie Luce and Jeff Dey. In reality, business fail... Large and small.. and for a variety of reasons. Also in reality it effects a large number of people. And for that we apologize. We cannot Thank everyone enough for their efforts in getting us this far and are saddened that we cannot make it up to them.

We hope that you remember the Good Times you've had, Concerts you Attended and Stars you were able to see at Nashvilles 2. We also Sincerely hope that Buffalo will indeed have a country music venue that can survive the ups and downs of business. And wish you give them the support necessary to succeed.

No further information was given regarding 2017 scheduled events.  We will pass along as soon as we hear of any rescheduling.  The venue most recently Howdy's has had a rough time keeping its doors open.

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