Just got done reading a story in the Huffington Post about a new book that claims O-J Simpson was not the killer of his wife Nicole Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.  William C. Dear, a private investigator, claims after years of research, he has proof O-J was not the killer and he has proof.  He says O-J was at the crime scene - after the crime was committed.  The book "O-J Is Innocent And I Can Prove It" is available beginning today. 

Dear not only claims O-J is innocent, he names who really did it.  Dear claims O-J's son, Jason Simpson committed the crime.  He says he has the knife used in the murders and photos proving his case. Among those photos is Jason wearing the knit cap found at the crime scene.  Jason is O-J's son from his first marriage. 

Dear further says Jason Simpson was on probation for an assault on his boss.  And he was under psychiatric treatment after three suicide attempts.  It's a pretty convincing theory

O-J is currently in prison after his conviction on a robbery charge after he attempted to take back personal items he claims were stolen from him.  A jury rejected his excuse.

Many fans have complained O-J's name remains on the Buffalo Bills Wall of Fame and he's still enshrined at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  Even though he was acquitted of the criminal charges in the murder case - some people still think he did it and his name should be removed.  But, those honors were for his accomplishments on the football field and that's why his name is up there.  I think it should stay and now there seems to be evidence that O-J never committed the crime in the first place. 

What do you think?  Did you ever think his name should be removed from the Wall of Fame?  Do you now think O-J is innocent?

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