The National Transit Safety Board has presented New York State with the idea to lower the blood alcohol level from .08 percent to .05 percent. Meaning, just a couple drinks could put someone right over the legal limit.

Deanna Russo, who is the Executive Director of the Crusade Against Impaired Driving, lost her sister to a drunk driver in 1998, according to WIVB.

A big problem in Western New York is multiple drunk drivers, repeat offenders. Time and time again, we hear about crashes involving a driver who has had five, six, seven DWIs", says Russo.

Drinking causes one-third of all traffic fatalities across the country. Will we solve the problem of drinking and driving by lowering the BAC limit? No. Will it help? Perhaps.

I think that if you're going to go out and drink, why don't you just be responsible? You know you can only have one legally, so either have one or have none. I'm the king of picking my car up in the morning if I need to. You can always avoid drinking and driving. Make a plan before you start drinking.

Anti-DWI groups don't support lower BAC

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