You know the game. It is an absolute classic. You try and throw ping pong balls into small fish bowls and if you dunk your ping pong ball in, you win a live goldfish. It has been around for decades, but there was one Fair that has had enough. In fact, it has been a controversy if the goldfish toss game is actually banned here in New York State.

Back around 2014 at the New York State Fair in Syracuse, there was an incident where some of the goldfish from the game were getting left behind and in walkways, so the Fair actually discontinued the game for some time.

BUT, while it is illegal to win any other animal via a game, it is NOT illegal for fish...and ONLY fish. Should the game be banned though? Do parents really want their kid to come home with a fish or should winner's pick out a stuffed animal instead?

There has been tons of debate on whether or not the

Ag and Markets Law, Article 26, Section 358-a: No person shall give or offer to give away as a prize, or exchange or offer to exchange for nominal consideration, any live animal other than purebred livestock or fish in any game, drawing, contest, sweepstakes or other promotion, except when any live animal is given away by individuals or organizations operating in conjunction with a cooperative extension education program or agricultural vocational program sanctioned by the state education department', according to the New York State website.

Other fairs and lawn fetes in New York State have stopped doing the fish toss and have mechanical fishing games instead.

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