Starting today, some will never be able to get their morning coffee from Dunkin Donuts the same way again.

Dunkin Donuts, along with other restaurants in New York City, are figuring out how to deal with the new styrofoam ban that takes effect July 1. The law, announced in January, was introduced by Michael Bloomberg a month before he left office.

According to the ban affects any single-use containers, including "clamshell" boxes, takeout containers, cups, bowls and plates that are made from styrofoam. Packing peanuts are also forbidden under the new law.

Businesses must come up with items made from alternate materials since expanded polystyrene foam can not be properly recycled. Dunkin Donuts has introduced a new, recyclable paper cup that will now be the standard across New York City:

Business have a grace period to catch up with the new regulations. No fines will be given out for using styrofoam products until January of 2016. Other cities that already have a polystyrene foam ban include Seattle, Portland, Malibu, Oakland and Minneapolis.

What do you think? Is the styrofoam ban a good idea, or too much of an inconvenience? Sound off in our comments section below.

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