What do you say when finding out someone is pregnant? No, you don't say, "It looks like you've put on a few extra pounds" -- you say, "Congratulations!"

And what do you say when viewing the precious new addition or a picture of the beloved for the first time? You exclaim, "What a beautiful baby!"

But what of the child is rather "plain" or just "plain ugly"? Oops, did I say that?

It's something few folks would openly admit to, but a recent survey shows that around one-fifth of new parents secretly believe their baby is ugly.

According to the Mail Online, what parents say and how they actually feel may vary a bit. The survey said that 18 percent of new mothers and fathers owned up to being privately disappointed with the looks of their new bundles of joy.

However, 82 percent were still loyal to their offspring and said they proudly believed their new baby was the most beautiful thing they had ever seen.

The poll people talked with 1,000 parents on their feelings and reactions when they first set eyes on their babies.

Of the 18 percent who admitted being disappointed by the looks of their child, more than half had discussed their feelings with their partners, but only eight percent said they had spoken to anyone else about it.

Instead, it seems most parents suffer their disappointment in silence, choosing to put on the brave face society expects.

A spokesman for PromotionalCodes.org.uk, who conducted the survey, commented that, as human beings, we are wired to love our babies, and the poll overwhelmingly supports the theory that we all fall in love with our offspring at first sight.

It appears that loving your baby doesn't have to mean that you think it's beautiful. It seems that every parent feels a pressure to say their new baby is beautiful, but only four out of five actually believe it.

Yet the remaining fifth who secretly feel their baby is ugly don't love them any less and may even feel the need to spoil them more than they would a good-looking baby.

On a very positive closing note, a whopping 99 percent said they did feel they had fallen in love with their new itty bitty one the moment they saw him or her.
Everybody say awwww!