Over a dozen people in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Iowa were killed after a wave of storms and tornadoes tore through south-central United States on Sunday. Many of the deaths were in Faulkner County, Ark., as a powerful twister flipped cars and tore through houses. Justin Moore — a native of Poyen, Ark., about one hour south — was one of a number of country stars to offer prayers on Sunday night and Monday.

Heavy storms touched lives in Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi on Sunday, continuing east on Monday morning. The Weather Channel reports that there were 14 deaths in Arkansas, a number revised from 16. The community is still taking stock of the buildings and homes damaged. “Utter devestation” and “war zone” are how some are describing the aftermath. A spokesman for the governor of Arkansas said one tornado was at least a half-mile wide.

In Kansas, tornadoes ripped through Baxter Springs and Quapaw. Baxter Springs is where Rascal Flatts' guitarist Joe Don Rooney was born, and he shared his concern on Twitter early Monday morning.

As of now the storm has not been rated. That will take until Tuesday or Wednesday.

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