Who doesn't love a good plate of rice.  My favorite by far is pork fried rice...Hands Down!!  When I'm feeling lazy, bagged Uncle Ben's works just fine.  Aside from eating it, there are many other uses for rice.  they may just be helpful around the house.  Here's one....Rice can help when washing the dishes: Rice can be used to get those hard-to-reach bottoms of bottles, glasses or flower vases.  All you have to do is..... add Rice, Soap and Water.  Then shake and swirl!  The rice acts as a scouring pad and it really works!

-Rice can clean your coffee grinder: For those who have one, this might be helpful.  Here, all you have to do it wipe your grinder clean then add rice high enough to cover the blades.  Then grind away.  This should soak up any leftover oils that make the grinder smell like coffee!

-Add rice to your salt shakers!: Believe it or not, by adding rice to your salt shakers, you can prevent clumping and clogging of the holes.  Rice sucks up the moisture. ( especially useful in the humid summer months)

-Rice can be a facial serum:(Brown rice only) Yep, ...just bring a 1/2 cup of rice to a boil in 2 cups of water.  Remove rice and allow liquid to cool.  Then use a washcloth to rub the liquid into your face then rinse.  Rice is high in Vitamin E and is said to soften the skin.

-Rice can help dry out electronic devices: We all should know by now that rice can save your water-logged phone or remote control!


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