How many times have you needed to just run into the store for a couple things and ended up leaving after 20 or 30 minutes because you were stuck in the "Express" lane?

The sign on the register says 20 items or less.  You have just the 6 items that you came for.  You jump in the right lane.  That's when you discover the person in front of you has about 25.'s just 5 items over the limit.  But if you're back 3 people in line, that have all gone 5 items over the limit, then your wait is considerably longer.

Don't get me wrong, this is not on the shoulders of the cashier.  I've been in their position.  They shouldn't have to tell people that they're in the wrong lane.  It should be up to the customers to be considerate of the others that are behind them.  This is more on the stores.  Since when is 20 items a small trip to the store?  That seems like a pretty big number of items to push through a line in a hurry.

Then there are the people who can't seem to get their card to work.  Is it a credit or debit?  Do I want cash back?  Do I sign or put my pin in?  How do I work this thing?  That adds to your wait too!

So what do you do?  Do you say something or just suck it up and wait like everyone else?  Maybe you're that person that will go just over the limit.  Why do you do it?   Feel free to add comments in the comment box below.  I'm sure most people have a story that people can relate to.