4th of July

Happy Independence Day
We hope that the 4th of July is happy and festive for you.

Remember to at some point during the day celebrate what it's all about, reflect on our armed forces and their families that are separated, and salute the United States of America!
2019 Buffalo Summer Events Guide
Mark your calendars! Buffalo's summers are getting busier and busier, and there is so much to do. So you should never have to say, "There's nothing to do here!" Ever!
Here are some of the summer dates to set aside ahead of time!
Buffalo Named 3rd Best City To Celebrate 4th of July
What a time to be in Buffalo! The city keeps making impressive lists from start-ups to architect and multiple holidays! WalletHub conducted a study to find 2017's Best & Worst Places to Celebrate 4th of July. Th holiday is probably more that just watching fireworks from your back yard. …
Gunshot Rumors At Canalside
The fireworks were already delayed downtown at Canalside Monday night by about 40 minutes due to some electrical issues, but another issue came about later in the night.
Toward the end of the firework display, "rumors of shots fired at Canalside sent dozens of people running," accor…

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