3 Unique, Awesome BBQ Tools To Buy
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You ever think: 'what the heck am I going to get dad for his birthday'? Or maybe you need a good Father's Day gift this year and you're not looking to spend a TON of money?
Here are 3 things that are three different ideas th…
Best Stimulus Check Purchase For People Who Can’t Sleep
This is just about gold.
If you can't sleep, this is perfect. Maybe you roll over too many times in the middle of the night. Or maybe when your going to sleep is the same exact time that your brain starts going into over-drive, thinking of things you don't even think of during the day...
Every Buffalonian Needs This Car Heated Blanket
This is genius.
Living in Buffalo, I'm actually surprised I haven't heard of more people using these. It's an electric blanket that plugs right into your cigarette lighter plug. Whether you're driving in the front seat or maybe your kids need it in the back, it's honestly a g…
VIDEO: Amazon Delivery Man Listens To What The Door Mat Says LOL
This has got to happen at every house. I come home every day from work and I swear that there is a package from Amazon on the front porch so, I said something to my wife and now I am pretty sure that she sends the packages to her mom's house (which I would love to know how she explains that to …

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