Toddler Buys $400 Couch On Amazon, Mom Reimbursed
Ever buy something accidentally? Some of us have at some point, perhaps. However, a mom in San Diego made a big purchase on Amazon, without even knowing it until after the fact, as her toddler purchased a $400 couch with her account.
Apparently, the toddler used her mom's phone, while the A…
Look What Erie County Is Doing To Stop Amazon Alexa
You ever get nervous when your phone or Amazon Alexa or your Google home seems have been listening to past conversations? You are talking in your house about going on vacation and suddenly your phone has ads for vacation--and your phone wasn't even by you when you were talking...
Every Buffalonian Needs This Car Heated Blanket
This is genius.
Living in Buffalo, I'm actually surprised I haven't heard of more people using these. It's an electric blanket that plugs right into your cigarette lighter plug. Whether you're driving in the front seat or maybe your kids need it in the back, it's honestly a g…
Amazon Scam
If you are an avid Amazon shopper here is something you're going to want to look out for.
You're going to get an email "from Amazon" and it's going to say "your order cannot be shipped" and to continue you will have to confirm your information--…
Get A Job With Amazon Today
Amazon is doing interviews today for warehouse jobs in the Buffalo area.  You could be hired on the spot at the Buffalo Airport Holiday Inn, 4600 Genesee Street in Cheektowaga between 9:00 and 4:00 pm.

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