Brand New App
I've always thought this was a good idea.  When I worked nights, I wanted to start up a service like this.  Now it's app that will allow you to get groceries delivered right to your front door!
Clay, Dale and Liz Try The FaceApp And It’s Scary
There is a new trendy app called FaceApp and it is sweeping the internet right now. Celebrities are having a field day with app and you can too!
Clay, Dale and I decided to try it out and it did not disappoint! It's a little frightening but all in good fun...
Top 10 Mobile Apps
I use my phone for just about everything.  Well, everything except talking.  I hate talking on the phone.  But I use it for everything else.  So what are my top 10 apps?  I'm glad you asked...
Forget Your Kids
It happens all the time.  People accidentally leave their kids in their car.  It seems like something simple to remember but often, people remember too late that their kids were strapped in the back.  It can be deadly.  But thanks to an update to the navigation app "Waze…
What Is It?
Everybody is talking about it.  I really thought it was a game just for kids but this thing has spread to adults.  It's Pokémon Go and it's the latest mobile game for your smartphone based on the popular video game and card games.
Google's New App
It’s a familiar scenario for most people: You haven’t watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones or Mad Men, or you’ve yet to make it to the theater to check out the latest movie your friends have all been gushing over. But social media is an irresistible force, so you hop on…
Strangest App Ever?
Here's an idea so simple you may just want to hug whoever came up with it. Introducing Cuddlr, an app that enables you to find other people who'd like to cuddle.

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