Baby Burried
I'd rather watch a community come together to save this toddlers life then riot videos.
This is a great example that no one can die without God's will. Prayer's out to Syria and may the fighting stop. God Bless this baby and all the other babies who are victim to horrible war...
Bet On Royal Baby
The world is waiting on pins and needles for word on Prince William and Kate Middleton welcoming their second child. Care to make it interesting?
Why's Carrie Not Giving Pics?
Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher welcomes Isaiah Michael in the beginning of February 2015, but the only picture that fans have seen is a sneak peek part of baby Isaiah's face. It's no secret that the Fisher's are trying to keep their private life as private as possible...
Driving Thru Tunnels
Wanna put a smile on your face?  Check out the faces of these babies as their parents drive them through tunnels.  I had no idea it was so surprising to so many of them!
Baby Lady A!
Lady Antebellum's Dave Haywood just gifted us all an early Christmas gift! The Georgia native shared the very first photo of his adorable, Cash Van, and we are in love!
2014 Country Babies Born!
2014 was happy year for many country singers who welcomed new bundles of joy! More than a few artists expanded their families this year, which means a whole new generation of country fans and tiny country singers have entered the world.

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