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New Lunch Regs
The new laws are going into effect this fall. There are new federal regulations on what schools can and can't serve or offer in vending machines. The healthier alternatives such as low-calorie snacks and lunches will be placed in the nation's 100,000-plus schools.
Smarty Party
Congrats to the students of the University at Buffalo!  You not only are well educated, but apparently you know how to party as well.
Dodgeball Ban? Why Bother!
No doubt about it. The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary will be burned in our minds forever. We may never know what makes people act the way they do or even think about murdering innocent school children. Is it something that is learned? Is aggression, anger and violence something that is learned? O…
parents in outrage
Do you remember your high school prank? This one went so bad that the school is having a problem nearly two years later. The kids just love to clog the toilet and watch them overflow which, clearly causes a disaster (and a nasty one at that). But, here’s how they’re &…

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