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How Would Your Kid Complete the Sentence?
A 1st grade school teacher presented each child in class the 1st half of a well-known proverb and asked them to come up with the remainder of the proverb.   It's hard to believe these were actually done by first graders.  Their insight may surprise you.
How Sick is Sick Enough For A Day Off?
When I was in school, it was near to impossible to get a sick day.  The only way to get out of school was for a dentist/orthodontist appointment, a death in the family, or if we were on our own death bed.  I've found that as a parent, I'm not as strict when it comes to that as my…
Brett Alan’s Top 5 Favorite Things To Find In His Lunchbox
You waited all day for it.  It was that moment that you could stop paying attention to a teacher for a couple minutes and just relax.  It was halfway through the day.  It was lunchtime, and your mom could make it or break it for you depending on what she packed in your lunchbox. …
Funny “Back To School” Commercial [VIDEO]
It's that time of year...BACK TO SCHOOL!! Three words that bring joy to Mom and Dad and that sick feeling to those returning to the place of higher learning. I just happen to remember one of my favorite "Back To School" commercials that expresses those emotions perfectly.
Whatever Happened to School Lunchboxes?
Clay brings a bag of food into work nearly every day. A collection of fruit, yogurt, sometimes a breast of chicken. People these days either brown bag it or grab a sandwich or a salad at a restaurant for lunch.
Same thing for school kids. A lot of kids eat both lunch and breakfast at school and fo…
Read This Before Buying Those Back To School Supplies!!
Heads up Parents!!  There is something you should know before buying those school supplies for lil Jimmy or Johnny.  Senator Charles Schumer is warning back to school shoppers about certain items that may cause health issues.  According to Schumer, a study from the Center for Health, …

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