ECC Goes Smoke-Free!
Erie Community College has enacted a smoking ban that will begin in the new year.  That's right....beginning January 1st, 2013, all 3 campuses will be tobacco-free.  The new policy
Should Teens Under 18 Be Banned From Tanning Booths? [POLL]
Seeing that May is skin cancer awareness month, I figured to pop this one on you!  According to the American Cancer Society, melanoma skin cancer is on the rise, especially in the state of New Jersey.  Now, I understand that New Jersey is home to many "fist pumping Italians" , which could …
Ottawa’s Pop Radio Station Bans Underwood Music!!
This one was in our daily show prep and I just had to post it. Seems as if all of Ottawa is angry with Carrie Underwood, for her hubby Mike Fisher, being traded to Nashville!!
Last Thursday, the Twitter feed of Ottawa's pop radio station 105.3 KISS FM read "Since Mike Fisher....