Barack Obama

What Is It?
It’s hard enough for film critics without Barry O. snatching up our freelance gigs, but President Obama and the First Lady weighed in with their choices for 2015’s best film.
Obama On TV
NBC reality trek Running Wild With Bear Grylls has made headlines in recent months for bringing high-profile figures out into the wilderness, but the survival series may yet have its biggest name ever, and all for a cause. Barack Obama himself will join Grylls in the wilds of Alaska, exploring some …
Note To Obama
A second grader at Roscoe Wilson Elementary in Lubbock, Texas sent President Barack Obama a letter, and the Commander-in-Chief sent her back a reply letter.
Inauguration Facts
Yesterday was officially the second inauguration of President Barack Obama.  The inauguration happens every 4 years on January 20th.  Over the years it has ranged from a simple oath taking ceremony to a longer affair with parades and inaugural balls.  Here are some more facts about th…
Furry Feline Forcasts Our Next President!
The cat's eye knows who will be our next president.  If you say it's nuts, you're right.  His name is Mr. Nuts, and he's a cat who hails from Fremont, Calif.  His owner says he chooses the loser by doing his duty in a corresponding candidate's litter box.

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