Bear Spotted This Morning in Cheektowaga Neighborhood
This morning there was a bear in a neighborhood in the Cheektowaga, Depew area that has everyone talking!
There was one spotted in the nighborhood by the Buffalo Niagara International Airport. It was spotted on Surfside Parkway, which is in a neighborhood off of Dick Road between Genesee an…
Buffalo Bear
This is a bit strange. The details are limited about a dead bear that was found in a dumpster near Canisius College in Buffalo.
Bruiser Bear
We are all looking for ways to keep cool this summer.  Take some cues from Bruiser the bear.  He's a huge fan of the pool for his summertime activities.  Watch as he hops in and cools off for a bit.
Scares The Bear
What would you do if you were walking through the woods and suddenly saw a huge bear lurking off the path?  I've always been told that if you see a bear, you're supposed to get loud and stand up as tall as you can.  That's exactly what Ralph Persson did when he was walking w…
Bear On The Porch
An elderly couple in Russia were going out one afternoon last week, so they did their normal routine -- get dressed, go out the front door, and head straight to the car. Except... they walked past a bear that was chilling on their front porch.
Meet Brutus The 800 Pound Pet Grizzly Bear
Brutus, an 800 pounds grizzly bear, is Casey Anderson's best friend. Casey, a naturalist, and Brutus are inseparable from the day Brutus was a 2 weeks old cub. Casey saved the bear from an overpopulated wildlife park, and raised him with lot of attention, love and respect...

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