He Has A Beard
According to ABC, a graduating student at a High School in Louisiana was told he wouldn't be able to take part in his graduation ceremony.  The scholar athlete had a 4.0 GPA and was the class valedictorian.  So why wasn't he able to walk?  He had a beard.
Little Girl’s Adorable Reaction To Her Beardless Dad [VIDEO]
I know exactly where this girl is coming from. For my entire life my dad has had a beard, but one morning about ten years ago he went a little crazy with his trimmer and ended up having to shave the whole thing off.  I was in college  at the time and I'm pretty sure I had the same rea…
kenny has a beard
Check it out!! Kenny Chesney switching it up!
Kenny, who usually sports a clean-cut shave throughout his sold out summer tour must be switching it up for the winter. Of course though, he has a lot of time until his next tour since he isn't touring until 2014 so, maybe he's just testing out …