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Widespread Smoke
There is no question that the fire on Rt. 5 in Lackawanna this morning at the former Bethlehem Steel building was a big one.  The smoke was visible for miles.  I was surprised that even miles away on a cloudy/gray day, the smoke could be seen clearly.
Re-imagining and Reusing Buffalo’s Old Bethlehem Steel Buildings
On a recent trip to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania I was surprised at how that city has embraced its past and its abandoned steel mills by re-imagining and reusing them rather than Ignoring them or knocking them down.
One complex now called Steel Stacks was restored into an arts center that is now…
Bethlehem Steel In My Basement [VIDEO]
I just moved in to a house in East Aurora. like any other house in the United States, old or new, there is always work to do.With this house, most of the work I have to do thankfully is performing some cosmetic updates here and there.This includes my dream of having a finished basement. A party spot…