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Water Recall
A voluntary recall has been issued for 14 brands of water.  They are all bottled through the same bottling company, and the recall was issued after one of their spring water sources tested positive for E. Coli bacteria.  Some of the brands are sold here in Western New York.
10 Popular Misconceptions [VIDEO] [Possibly NSFW]
This video is pretty interesting and put together well.  Usually when you see a long video, its boring for 3/4 of it.  Not this one!
The video addresses 10 popular misconceptions we have about things like cracking your knuckles, drinking 8 glasses of water per day, gum digestion, bottled v.…
Dale’s Daily Data: Is Bottled Water Better?
I thought Wendy had an interesting item she posted on our website the other day – five things you should never have to pay for.  At the top of the list was water.  People pay up to 2 dollars a bottle for water.  And what you’re paying for is the brand and the bottle.  We have a whole generation of y…