Brett Favre

Brett Favre’s Sister Arrested
Just 10 miles from where they grew up, the sister of Brett Favre has been arrested during the raid of a suspected meth lab in Mississippi.  Favre just can't seem to stay out of the news even if he's not making it.  2010 was a tough year for Favre and 2011 isn't getting off t…
Another Scandal With Brett
Since November, I have been keeping you up to date with the Brett Favre/Jenn Stenger scandal.  Now here comes another scandal with Brett Favre. Are these things just coincidences, or does this guy have a dark side that we don't know about...
The Bills Put An End To Brett Favre’s Streak
The Minnesota Vikings have had a week of bad news all in one weekend.  First the Metrodome collapses after a huge snow storm, then they find out that the man who was supposed to get the team into the post season would not be starting this weeks game.
Brett Favre Scandal Continues
The NFL is continuing to step up its investigation of Brett Favre.  Jenn Stenger is ready to talk.  Probably more interesting than watching the Buffalo Bills.
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