Buffalo History Museum

Buffalo Cherry Blossom Festival Sets Date
Buffalo Olmsted Parks Parks Conservancy along with the Buffalo History Museum, Friends of the Japanese Garden and Music is Art. bring to you the 6th annual Buffalo Cherry Blossom Festival May 1 to May 5 from 5 to 8 PM each day.
The Wednesday will be 5-8PM and the festival's weekend on Saturday, …
Food Truck Rodeo
The Buffalo History Museum hosts its fourth Food Truck Rodeo featuring 11 food trucks with menus offering a variety of specialized dishes and desserts the first Wednesday of summer months.
The museum enhances the Food Truck Rodeo experience with free museum admission, extra seating for picnicking, ch…
Winter Family Activities!
I’m always impressed with Buffalo.  It may be winter right now, temperatures at times might be freezing, and of course there is always the snow but that doesn’t seem to slow us down!
Family Fun events all week!
Since the 4th of July this year is on a Wednesday you probably should start celebrating now and make it last all the way till next weekend!  Don’t worry about planning activities because there is a lot happening around town that you are not going to want to miss!  Here are …