Buffalo On Tap Harvest Festival

Coming to Stores!
Big Ditch Brewing hit the ground sprinting! There was nothing slow about the popularity when they oped their doors downtown. Overwhelmed by the success of the restaurant and tap room they even expanded earlier this year, not only opening their doors for lunch but actually expanding the building as w…
TV Beer Mug
"Hey man, did you see that play last night?  It was incredible!"
"No, I missed it.  My beer was blocking my view."
I don't think I've ever had this problem.  But if you have, there's a product for you!
Oktobeerfest [VIDEO]
We're gearing up for the next Buffalo On Tap (Sat. Oct. 15) at the Hamburg Fairgrounds. This is a fun idea for the fall season.  How about making a pumpkin beer keg?  It looks pretty easy to do!
The Story Behind Great Lakes Brewing Company
In the 1870s Cleveland was a hotbed of breweries. By the early 1980s, the last of them shut its doors. It wasn’t until September 6, 1988 when brothers Patrick and Daniel Conway opened Great Lakes Brewing Company in Cleveland’s historic Ohio City neighborhood, that a n…
Behind The Pine
If you know me you know I love craft beer, and being from Cleveland, Great Lakes has always been one of my go to beers. Yes, Great Lakes Brewing Company is a regional beer but they also have their footprint here in the WNY community.
Big Ditch Brewing Company is located on Huron Street in downto…

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