Buffalo On Tap Harvest Festival

Buffalo On Tap Harvest Craft Beer Festival Headed to WNY
The entire team at WYRK is excited to be a part of Buffalo on Tap's Harvest Beer Festival, coming to Buffalo on Saturday, October 15. Clay, Dale, Liz, Brett, Wendy and Rob as well as the rest of the Country crew will be on hand for this amazing event featuring over 100 beers from America’s finest craft breweries. We ...
Beer Facts That Will Surprise You [VIDEO]
Ever wonder about the origins of some of the most popular drinks you get served at the bar? Well here are some small facts that may make you look at breweries and the beverages you are drinking a little differently.
E.B.'s Tower Power
They're my favorite local brewery and there's a new brew coming out this Sunday in honor of the ongoing restoration efforts for the EB Green designed First Presbyterian Church.  It has an iconic tower on it and that's where the name comes from - From Flying Bison it's E.B.'s Tower Power.
Roomba Pong!
It's another one of those "why didn't I think of that?" moments! I actually used to have a Roomba and spent more time laying out barriers than actually sitting back while it did the work. In this short clip you watch these pro partiers take a beloved tailgate/backyard drinking game to the next level...