Buffalo's Best

Now is your chance to show your Buffalo favorites some love! Nominate the best in Buffalo and Western New York in the following categories and come back in the second half of March to cast your vote and help name Buffalo's Best!

Buffalo's Best Sponge Candy
It's back! Tomorrow is National Sponge Candy Day! Buffalo is the Sponge Candy Capital of the world. So obviously, people are very particular about where they get their sponge candy from.
America's Favorite?
Today is National Pizza Day!  When you think pizza, what city comes to mind?  You might say New York with their thin crust, maybe Chicago with their deep dish, maybe Buffalo?  You'd be right with all three.
Buffalo's Best Steak
There is nothing better than a steak that's been cooked perfectly on the grill.  The buttery sizzle of a fillet or t-bone can really make a meal incredible.  Whether it's summertime or some other celebration, steak is perfect.
WNY's Most Haunted Places
Do you believe in the paranormal? Have you ever witnessed something otherworldly in Buffalo or Western New York? What are the most haunted places in the region?
Most Unique Flavors
Western New York is full of diverse and uniquely flavored beers! But which WNY/Buffalo brewery has the most unique beer flavors? It's time to vote.

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