Bulldog In The Rain
I've always wanted a bulldog.  I'm told that if you can handle the snoring, the slobbering, and the flatulence they're great dogs!  Sign me up.  If I get hours of entertainment like this, this could be one of the coolest dogs ever!
Dog Continuously Honks Horn After Being Left in Car [VIDEO]
You should NEVER leave you pets locked in a car! However, it's hard not to chuckle at this dog's reaction. If the owner was trying to be quick and discreet this dog totally busted that plan. (Someone did note that temperature that day in Eureka, California, where the video was shot, was 57 degrees)
A Baby + A Bulldog: Prepare To Be In Heaven [VIDEO]
All of my friends know that one day I will be the very proud owner of an English bulldog who can ride a skateboard. There is something about these dogs that I just can't get over. Their faces, their chunkiness...just everything about them! Ugggghhhhhh