Chad Kelly

Buffalo Bills Keeping It in the Family, Work out Chad Kelly
Interesting timing, huh? Jim Kelly's nephew Chad Kelly, who was signed with Denver Broncos and then the Colts before being released this past Fall, reportedly will soon be working out with the Buffalo Bills. So many questions come from this that people have been asking: Does this mean they aren't satisfied with the quarterbacks on the practice squad...
Mr. Irrelevant
It's a term used to describe the very last player taken each year in the NFL Draft.  In most cases the last player taken in the seventh round is a long-shot, but this year that player could turn out to be the steal of the draft.
Both Teams Lose
The Monsignor Martin Athletic Association issued its ruling yesterday following last Friday night's on-field brawl during the high school football game between Timon/St. Jude and St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute - a double forfeit.  It means both teams will show a loss in league play which will affect their seeding in the playoffs.
High School Football Brawl
Friday night's rivalry game between St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute and Bishop Timon/St. Jude didn't even make it to halftime before the game was suspended following an onfield brawl.  Among those who entered the field was former St. Joe's and current Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly.
Kelly Arrested
Jim Kelly's nephew was making headlines months ago as an up and coming quarterback with big league aspirations.  Unfortunately, the headlines he's making now are not as promising.  The Buffalo News is reporting that the former St. Joe's standout, Chad Kelly was arrested over the weekend after getting in a fight with a bouncer at a bar in Buffalo.