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Bills Lose Preseason Opener at Chicago
I've never been a fan of preseason football games.  You get to see each team's projected starters for a short time and they're replaced by rookies or free agents trying to make the team.  That's what preseason is all about - giving players a look to see how they play in game situations.  There's only so much you can determine during training camp.  Sometimes a player really raises eyebrows by his
Chicago Car Salesman Fired For Wearing a Packer’s Tie
Chicago Television station, reported yesterday that a car salesman was fired because he wore a Green Bay Packers NFL tie to work.  The salesman told the station that he wore the tie in honor of his late grandmother, a Packer’s fan who recently passed.  She was buried before her beloved team’s game with the Bears.
The Big Game Is Set
So here we go!  At the beginning of the playoffs I wrote that if your team was no longer involved in the playoff picture, you pick the team that you hate the least and cheer them on.  And for the first year this year, I picked the Superbowl a couple weeks early.
Bar to Roast Bear in Support of Packers
A bar in Minnesolta has a unique way of showing its support for the Green Bay Packers in today's NFC Championship game. The Bar owner has decided to roast a 180 pound black bear. The owner had planned to offer the roasted bruin meat to his customers but was told by state health officials that he was not permitted to do so because the meat is unprocessed...