Christmas Carols

It's Amy Poehler!
Billy Eichner is a crazy man who enlists celebrities to do silly tasks with everyday people in New York City.  In this case he and Amy Poehler brighten the spirits of New Yorkers on by yelling at them for not remembering Christmas carol lyrics correctly...
Singing Goats?
Check out a sample of this awesome goat Christmas album! It was made to help bring awareness to how important the dairy goat is to communities in impoverished nations.
To learn more about ActionAid and this project click HERE
Xmas Carol Ambush
I actually really like Christmas music. I also really enjoy messing with people in public. So I think this would be fun to do.
TBC Goes Caroling
A few weeks ago, a video came through the interwebs and gave us a great idea: Why not spread Christmas cheer with a little caroling!