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When to Buy Your Christmas Tree for the Best Deal
Based on the past few years of when stores put out their Christmas offerings, next year you can expect the Christmas season to start in June. There were stores that had their Christmas decorations up in August, this year. AUGUST.
Whether you're into it that early or not, it's just about Chr…
Akron Acres!
And when I say old fashion, I mean not the actual cutting, just the experience... LOL
I'm pretty sure I found the jewel of WNY when it comes to Christmas trees. Akron Acres (formally Kelkenberg Farms of Akron) is my go-to place for a Christmas tree...
Cat Xmas Tree
I've been nervous about putting up my Christmas tree this year because of my 9 month old cat Kiki Dee. Kiki is very playful and my fear is she'll terrorize my tree and breakable ornaments.
I saw this video on Facebook and it looks to be a smart alternative Christmas tree for homes with mult…
Take It Down
Christmas is done and gone. Its almost time to wish those near and dear a Happy New Year. Out with the old and in with the new, right?
Christmas Tree Rocket [VIDEO]
There are lots of ways to dispose of your Christmas tree.  Of course, you can put it out to the road if your town collects them, you can burn it if your town allows that, or you can do what these people do.  Strap it to a rocket and see how far you can get it to fly!

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