Crying Over Gum!
Okay Extra Gum, you have my attention AND I remembered your brand - double bonus for you. See if you can make it through this commercial without crying for just how dog gone cute it is and how sad it is that it will never happen to you.
McDonald's Outrage
McDonald's ran a new campaign during the broadcast of the Golden Globes and some people are taking offense to it. The campaign, called "Signs", shows different McDonalds marquees showing varying messages to the community while children sing "Carry On" in the …
Reba McEntire Stays Balanced With Activia
Reba McEntire kicked off 2014 with her secret to staying fit and healthy -- juicing -- and now she's showing the world how her digestive system stays balanced. The country icon is featured in a 2014 Activia commercial, Activia Tummies. Happy People.

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