WATCH: Budweiser Has Done It Again, Get Ready To Cry
It's not exactly new, but this is one we had to share!
Budweiser has done it again. They have come to produce some of the most memorable, tear-jerking content and of course, if you're an animal lover (which, we know you are) you're going to love this one...
Best Super Bowl Commericals
I didn't think this year's commercials were as good as previous years and certainly, some of them not $5 million good as you'll forget about them by this morning.
Lets go over some of the best of the best.
1. Avocados From Mexico
2. Cam Newton + Miranda Kerr for Buick
1998 K-Mart Ad
Online shopping. It's as much a part of our lives today as breathing. But time was it was as novel a concept as Kanye West smiling.
Old School Videos
Radio shack filed for chapter 11 last week.  It's strange to think that a store that has been around for almost all of my life will no longer be on almost every corner.  But these commercials will last forever.

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