His Computer Froze
In a time where it seems the whole world is frozen, even our computers are falling victim to the deep freeze. Well, sort of.
Too Much Info?
I think most of us that are of a certain age are a little more careful about what we post to our Facebook page than people of the younger generation. We were raised to be careful about sensitive subjects. Some people, however, have absolutely no problem narrating their lives on social networks as it…
Will You Lose Your Internet on Monday??
Thousands of Americans may lose access to their Internet on Monday, July 9.  Users have been warned to check their computers for malicious software and clear it away, or they may find themselves without Internet access. So why is this happening??
Say Goodbye To Your Mouse! [VIDEO]
The world is forever changing and so is the technology that we create.  We've gone from using the computer mouse, to touch pads and now hands free.  When I first saw this video, it made me think of the X-box Kinect, but just in the computer form.  You'll be amazed by the thi…
Commodore 64 Is Making A Comeback!
Do you remember The Commodore 64?  We used to use it a lot as kids.  We had a karate game and something called SpyHunter that we would play for hours on end.  It was SUCH a step up from the Vic 20.  It took about 6 hours to enter a program into the machine, but once you did, it w…
China Claims World’s Fastest Supercomputer
They may have the fastest computer now, but we've got tubeless toilet paper.  Wait...that's not better is it?

China has built what may be the world's fastest computer, a signal that the Chinese are ready to present a serious challenge to the U...