Cop Draws Gun
What do you think about this one. The incident is interesting, but the officer regardless of what he did made a good point at the end of the video of what happens when you don't listen to a police officer.
Cops showed up after complaints of teenagers fighting...
Why I Love It
Let's be honest.  Cops have been picked apart for the last couple years about everything they do.  I will say right now that I support the police.  I have watched way too many videos that show "bad cops" and people are getting the wrong idea about what they do.
Cop Chases Bikers + Bikers Make Cop Leave [VIDEO]
The officer probably made a good judgement call by leaving and not causing an accident involving himself or anyone else during this incident.According to
Helmet cam footage of a “stunt biker” was posted to YouTube Tuesday which shows a biker tell …
Out of Control Car Nearly Hits Cop in Frightening Scene
Talk about your close calls.
While writing an accident report, a state trooper in Iowa's Johnson County somehow managed to avoid another car that swerved in his direction and went off the road.
The scene was captured on dash cam and the driver of the vehicle had a small cut, while one of the troo…
Good Citations
If you're under 12, the Brimfield Police are going to be watching you extra closely for their new ticketing program.