Destroy's His Car
It's pretty sad to watch videos like this.  This girl is a young doctor who is currently in school at The University of Miami.  Should I say...she was going to be a young doctor.  When things like this happen, it can ruin an entire career.
Crazy Pillow!
This pillow is legit crazy! I saw it last week on FB and then found this video which is way more in depth and lengthy. Essentially, this is a magical pillow that you can draw on and make it change sounds crazy, but you'll see it real...
Funny Video. Weather Map Goes Crazy Live on TV
Check out this video of a live news cast from Phoenix. Watch this weather map display crazy temperatures live during the broadcast. The Meteorologist does the best he can to make the situation humorous, and I think he did a pretty decent job of it! Watch the funny video below.
Real or Fake?
Let's be honest: Russia is responsible for some of the most bizarre YouTube videos. Crazy things seem to happen there, and somehow they're always caught on video!!!
The Circus Raccoon
If you thought Nik Wallenda's walk across the Falls on a tightrope was daring, you have to see this lil rascal's daring high-wire act.
tattoo virgin mad
Do you have a tattoo? And if you do did it hurt? I don't think I would ever get one for a bunch of reasons but, this one kid on his 18th birthday goes with his mom and his friend. The mom doesn't know what to do nor the tattoo artist when the kid cannot take the pain of the needle...
Is She An OverAttached Girlfriend? [VIDEO]
I am sure every guy out there has had a girlfriend like this at one point or another. It's hard to remember my "single" days, but I may have had a girlfriend like the one in this video. Obviously we never got married.
Seeing this video makes me glad I never maried that girl...
Crazy Trapeze Acrobat Hanging From A Helicopter [VIDEO]
God is great.  Beer is good.  People are crazy.  Those words have never been more true.  Check out this crazy trapeze acrobat that decided to really up his game from the big top to a helicopter flying over the big top.  You couldn't even get me to do this for a million …