Bills Mafia Cruise is Happening in 2022
This is going to be absolutely out of control. Imagine hundreds of Buffalo Bills fans, stuck on the boat for a few days, drinking a bunch of Blue Light, and singing the 'Shout Song' on repeat. Because that is exactly what is going to happen. The Bills Mafia is taking over a cruise next May…
Florida Georgia Line On WYRK
Tuesday morning, we spoke with Tyler and Brian from Florida Georgia Line. Along with a song that could be a record setter (their new single may be their fifth #1 ion a row), Tyler and Brian revealed to us their favorite album out today (other than theirs, of course).
Bill Of Rights For Cruise Passengers? [VIDEO]
Who would have thought we were at a point where we'd need a Bill of Rights for cruise ship passengers? I guess with all that has happened with cruise ships -- from the partial sinking of the Costa Concordia in January 2012 (32 lives lost), to the Carnival Cruise stuck in the Gulf of Mexico, to the m…