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Watch This Dog Walk In Crocs [VIDEO]
I was very upset the other day when I went to go plant and mulch in the front yard, and I couldn't find my Crocs!
Crocs are a hot button issue with many people. Some people absolutely hate them and think they should be banned while some people live by them...
Ducks In A Pond
Is there really an explantation needed here? LOL Watch as five thousands ducklings run into a pond for their first swim in China.
Puppies On A Slide!
It might not be Friday, but this will make you enjoy Thursday a little more. Puppies can fix any mood, especially when they're going down a slide. They just keep coming!
PJ Party
This is too cute I can hardly stand it.  These baby goats are adorable to begin with, but throw some pj's on them and it becomes cuteness overload.
Well people put clothes on dogs and cats so why not goats?
(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d...
Puppy On A Roomba
We've seen Shark Cat, the adorable hit during Shark Week and now we have a puppy! Everyone takes a turn on the Roomba, but seeing a puppy or any type of dog one on is pretty amazing.
Here's what the owner of Louie had to say,
"A fellow breeder has some newborn puppies...
Totally Adorable
Well if this isn't just adorable!!! This sea lion pup is learning early on that his adorableness will get him EVERYWHERE. He hops on the Gist's kayak in Santa Barbra harbor and the rest is just everyone glued to their computers watching it!
"He started nuzzling up to me being reall…

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