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Brutally Honest
You remember the show "Kids Say The Darndest Things" right?  This is not that.  This is not a bunch of kids responding to adults questions.  It's kids just coming out with whatever is on their minds...and it's awesome.
Little Girl's Laugh
There is nothing like the laughter of a child.  It can really brighten your day.  Watch as this little girl thinks her dad's story about snow is just "too punny".
His First Hit!
Sports are confusing.  There are all these rules and no two sports really have the same ones.  You do what your coach tells you.  When he says hit the ball, you hit the ball.  If the coach says run, you run.  This one is on the coach...he never said to stop.
His First Hunt
There's something sacred about the first hunt that you go on.  And for this kid, there's something incredibly cute.  Watch as he tries to call ducks on their deer hunt.
Duckling Stampede!
No one ever wants to get stuck in a stampede.  That is of course unless it's a stampede of cuteness.  Then it's a major bonus.  Does it get much cuter than a stamped of around 5000 ducklings?
Pulls The Switcheroo
It's baseball season!  That means we're going to start seeing some incredible videos of people catching foul balls, getting hit by foul balls, and all kinds of other great stuff.  It starts early this year with this young Cassanova who really knows how to impress the ladies.
I Didn't Do It!
It's easy to say what you would do to your kids if they misbehaved and lied about it.  Most parents would be furious!  But how can you be mad at such a cute little face?  Watch as this little girl tries to convince her mom that she didn't get into her makeup...while she&apos…
Peek A Boo!
When I was a kid growing up, my dad always had a big red beard.  That is, he had a beard until that one day that he surprised us by shaving it off suddenly.  I remember wondering who the heck that guy was that had just come out of our bathroom.  I can't even imagine if he had don…
Taste O' Pumpkin
Meet Teddy Bear the porcupine.  Teddy Bear is about to chow down on one of the most incredible meals he's ever had.  Check him out as he can't even contain himself while enjoying a little Halloween treat!
Adorable Argument
Poor little guy.  He was just trying to get the ladies to understand that it wasn't raining.  It's just sprinkling because mommy said so.
Here's some advice to little men everywhere.  No matter how much you want to argue about what your mom told you about the world, you …
Shake It Off [VIDEO]
Everyone has their opinion about Taylor Swift.  Yes, that is the singer of the song in this video but that isn't what this video is about.  This video is about a dad that's having fun with his daughter and letting her be her.  Good job dad!
Adorable Interview
County fairs are a lot of fun for kids and adults. Take, for instance, this little boy who apparently is nervous about being on live television for the very first time. Meet Noah Ritter from Wilkes Barre. I don't think it'll be the last time you see him.

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