Dallas Cowboys

Destination Wish List?
Since the emergence of rookie Dak Prescott for the Dallas Cowboys, it's pretty apparent that they no longer need their veteran, injury prone quarterback.  So where will Tony Romo go?
Ground and Pound
A meaningless game on a cold, rainy day at the end of December, but Buffalo Bills fans turned out anyway.  The Bills got back to the ground and pound game that Rex Ryan promised when he arrived running for 236 yards and a pair of touchdowns and it was enough for a 16-6 win over the Dallas Cowboys.
Cowboys Blow Out the Bills
From start to finish the Bills put in their worst performance of the season and it’s reflected in the score.  The Dallas Cowboys not only scored touchdowns on their first four possessions, they made it look easy in a 44 to 7 rout. The Bills demonstrating again they simply have no defense giving up 433 yards and failed to come up with a single turnover while the Cowboys came up with four.  The Cowb